Law Office of Karenina Wolff

This is one of my absolute favorites, in terms with the progress of work as well as the final product!

I started off by presenting a single solid color to the client, which I really liked and was glad she loved it too!



HEX: #2E9CB5
 (46, 156, 181)
CMYK: (53, 10, 0, 29)

And from there, a logo was born:

One of the things that excited me the most was the vertical line below the header with colors close to the initial Blue we were going with. I felt it gave the website a good starting point to signify that the main content lies ahead.

I wanted to keep things as minimalist as possible and believe I achieved that goal. A kind of “callback,” to the vertical line I spoke of earlier can also be seen right before the footer, once again to signify the end of main content:

All in all a very fun project. Here are all the colors I believe were primarily used:

Fonts Used:


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