Tortilleria San Roman


Tortilleria San Roman, located in the Italian Market in South Philadelphia, is one of the city’s favorite Tortillerias’.

People from all around the city seem to know of it, and I was excited to be able to help them construct their brand identity:

The job included:

  • Business Logo
  • Responsive Website
  • Commercial Photography
  • Business Cards Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

A bunch of brainstorming later, and a logo was made, which also ended up on the Business Cards:

The client pride themselves on making Tortillas using home recipes that have been passed down from generations, making them gluten free.

I wanted to express the fact that the Tortilla is a very “light” food product, and did so by using a light blue as the dominant color, as well as using clouds to imply a fresh breeze. The clouds are also “implied,” which leads the viewer to believe they are moving – which further stresses the feeling of a fresh breeze.

All in all, it was a very fun project.

Here’s are the main colors that were used on the project, and the ones I feel really brought out a vibrant feel:


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